Client: Dian Sanat

Blackmailer/Main Title Design

Blackmailer is a main title sequence for a play telling the story of a cheating wife that gets blackmailed by a woman, threatening to give her secret away to her husband.

The title was rather more of an experimentation as to how a play could play out in a cinematic narrative. The main concept is to voice and exhibit the feeling of an adapted story in reality. Including inky blue tones to evoke a filmic vibe and portray a sense of mystery. The sequence is also built upon a combination of type (Avenir with Baskerville), shot footage & heavy color grading to achieve a dark cinematic look.

Post-production took the most workload as it was seemingly challenging to achieve a look of mystery banking on a footage shot in a not so cinematic environment (theatre). It involved type exploration in Illustrator, designing the compositions in Photoshop and moving all of that into after effects to animate, edit & dynamize the elements. Then lastly, Premiere was used for final color correction and putting the sequence all up together.

Still Frames